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Axel Audio Listening Party NYC x General Assembly

On a beautiful Cinco de Mayo evening, we capped the end of our first week on Kickstarter by  throwing our first listening party in the heart of New York City.

General Assembly played host to a fun filled evening that provided folks with a chance to be the first to experience the headphones. The venue in General Assembly was the perfect fit, as its atmosphere provided an educational and conversational platform for a tactile experience with the Soundscapes.

The space was converted into an experiential listening area where the guests were taken through the process of building their personalized headphone sets. They were also able to use the Soundscape application, which analyzed their listening behaviors on Spotify to suggest the best Soundscape. This generated a positive reaction sparking a lot of interest about which Soundscapes they preferred versus what the app recommended. They then roamed the listening table and tried the different headphones, comparing all of the different Soundscapes, colors and sizes.

Through the conversations and sounds, the food, wine and laughter, our first listening party was a great success. We’ll make sure to use all of the feedback we’ve received to continually improve our products and experience.